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Website Design for VALHALLA Custom Gear

So, you built a website… Now what?

Where are your prospects?

They say “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”
The same can be said about a website!

Higher rankings on search engines like Google will increase site traffic and increase brand awareness.

Quality website design is a fraction of the process — Website traffic must be
MANAGED (SEO), GROWN (Social Medial Adv.) & MEASURED with Google Analytics.

Bertke Creative has proven methods in driving quality traffic to your website. More traffic equals more sales… Right?

Landing on page one of Google for your business related keywords and phrases WILL Drive Traffic to your site.
Look at the chart below and see the results for landing on page one of Google.

Below is a screen shot from the Google Analytics dashboard illustrating the tracking and reporting features of websites performance.
The image below illustrates the results of implementing and manipulation of keywords and phrases relative to your industry, increasing traffic to your website.

Norris Lake Villas House Rentals | Google Analytics Report

The above example (April 16- May 15) illustrates landing on page 1 of Google with two different key-phrase searches on May 13. Previous time span of one month; received only 6,309 page views compared to 32,398 this period.

Bertke Creative has proven methods for increasing website exposure through organic search rankings.
Tracking and measuring your results through Google Analytics.

Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) delivers your website content to the people that matter most.

There is so much more to “Internet Marketing” than just building a website.

Ask yourself if you are doing the following:

• Are your images “Optimized for Site Speed” (Size and Resolution)
and assigned with accurate “Alt Tags” and “Keywords”?

• Does your website have a “Sitemap” and is it current?
Has the sitemap been uploaded to Google’s Search Console?

• Are you building a “Business Email List”?

• Are you using “Social Media” to help drive traffic?
Are you marketing through FaceBook and Email?

• Are you tracking your site traffic through “Google Analytics”
and evaluating your marketing results?

• Is the content on your site current and are you updating content as it
becomes relative to your customers?

Quality website design is a fraction of the process — Website traffic must be CREATED (SEO),
GROWN (Social Medial Adv.) & MEASURED with Google Analytics

Bertke Creative CAN Make a Difference!

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